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Special Mix for 2

6 pieces chicken tikka, 6 pieces lam tikka, 1 onion bhaji & 1 vegetable samosa.

Special Mix for 4

2 onion bhaji, 2 meat samosa, 2 sheek kebab & 6pieces chicken pakora.

Shahi Mini Mix

2 pieces Chicken Tikka, 2 pieces Chicken pakora & 1 onion bhaji.

Tandoori Chicken (On the Bone)

Quarter of spring chicken marinated in yoghurt, herbs and selected spices.

Mixed Tandoori

3 pieces chicken tikka, 3 pieces lamb tikka, 1 sheek kebab, 1 shami kebab.

Tandoori King Prawns

Marinated in yoghurt & selected spices.

Chicken or Lamb Tikka
From £4.50

Marinated in yoghurt prepared with special spices.

Sheek Kebab (2)

Mincemeat pungently spiced and barbecuded.

Shami Kebab (2)

Mincemeat mixed with spice and fried.

Chicken Pakora

Chicken Tikka cooked in batter

Onion Bahji (2)

Onion, spices and deep fried.

Samosa (2)
From £3.95

A choice of meat of vegetable.

King Prawn Puree

Prawn cooked in fresh spices and herbs.

Chicken Chat

Chopped chicken tikka cooked in sauce

Aloo Chat

Potatoes cooked in mild sauce and served on a puree.

Sag Puree

Cooked spinach served on puree.


Plain or Spicy (each)


Mango, onion, coconut, line or mint sauce (each)


Tandoori **

Tandoori Chicken (Half on the Bone)
Tandoori King Prawn
Chicken Tikka (Breast) or Lamb Tikka
From £11.50
Roshon Tikka
Chicken £12.95 Lamb £14.95

Cooked with garlic mushrooms and onions.

Chicken £13.95 Lamb £15.95

Barbecued in the tandoori together with capsicums, onions and tomatoes, served with Keema Nan.

Shahi Tandoori Mixed

Combination of selected clay oven dishes with nan.

Special Shashlik Mixed

4 pieces of chicken, 4 pieces of lamb, 2 king prawns with Keema Nan.


Chicken Tikka or Lamb Tikka
From £11.50
Chicken or Lamb
From £10.50
King Prawn
Vegetable Biryani
Special Biriyani

Chicken Tikka, Lamb Tikka & Prawns

Signature Dishes

Desi Raja

Mixture of grilled chicken & lamb cooked in a very highly flavoured sauce with rich spices.

Shahi Chicken Chilli

Boneless Tandoori chicken cooked in hot fresh chilli sauce. Hot & spicey to taste.

Shahi Special Curry

Tandoori chicken off the bone cooked with fresh green peppers onions and tomatoes with special spices and special rice.

Tandoori Palak Special

An excellent dish with tandoori chicken off the bone and cooked with spinach and garlic.

Mixed Zafrani

Chicken and lamb tikka cooked together with fried onions, green peppers, tomatoes and selected spices in a medium rich sauce.

Sylhet Delight

Chunky slices of chicken tikka cooked with rings of onions and peppers in a medium rich flavoured sauce.

Garlic Chicken or Garlic Chilli Chicken

A chicken dish cooked with extra garlic, nice and spicy, ideal for garlic lovers.

Royal Mix Special

Mixture of chicken, lamb and king prawns cooked in a tasty spicy sauce.

Chicken Shezaan

Grilled chicken breast cooked with fresh mushrooms in a tasty sauce

Bangla Shiraj

Mixture of chicken and lamb cooked to your choice of strength in Chef's own special recipe.

Shahid Suprise

Delicious strips of chicken cooked with Indian cheese and chefs own special recipe.

Sana Special

A fruity, aromatic and exceptionally flavoursome chicken dish. For extra hot & spicy lovers, ask us to add chillies

Chicken Tikka Cham Cham

Sliced chicken tikka, cooked with green chillies, capsicums, onions, tomatoes and fresh coriander.

Sagorana Special

Marinated chicken and lamb tikka cooked together in a fairly hot sauce with fresh ginger, green peppers, fresh chillies with a touch of methi.

Traditional Dishes

Korma (Very Mild)

Cooked in a mild creamy sauce, with creamy coconut, sultanas and a gentle touch of mild spices to produce a very mild aromatic taste.


Thoroughly garnished dish with onions and tomatoes with selected spices, extensively treated to provide a medium strength.


Cooked in a rich onion sauce.

Rogan Josh

The flavour of these dishes are delivered from extensive use of tomatoes, pimentos and fried onions, the combination with the varied range of fresh spices.

Dhansak Sweet & Sour

Of Persian origin, a beautiful combination of spices cooked with lentils, lemon juice and herbs, producing a sweet and sour taste


Balti dishes are prepared with fresh ginger and garlic and our own special herbs and spices cooked also with special balti sauce to give it that extra flavour.


Deliciously spiced with herbs, tomatoes and capsicums.


A sweet and sour dish, cooked with garlic and tomato puree and a touch of lemon juice.

Medium Curry

Sauce of medium consistency produced from a wide but basic range of original spices in a rich flavour.

Sag / Spinach

Cooked with spinach and a touch of garlic.


A hot curry having a greater preparation of tomato puree, lemon juice and these spices which lend to its richness and taste.


Related to madras but hotter. Prepared from a blend of hot spices.

Choose From

Chicken £9.50
Lamb £12.50
Prawn £12.50
King Prawn £15.95
Mixed Vegetable or Mushroom £8.50
Tikka Chicken £11.50 Lamb £13.50
Mixed Tikka (Chicken and Lamb) £13.95

Shahi Mahal Specialties

Butter Chicken

Breast pieces of tandoori chicken cooked in butter slightly spiced with fresh cream.

Tikka Massala
Chicken £11.50 Lamb £13.50

Marinated in cream, yoghurt and multitude of spices, then cooked in specially prepared tandoori sauce.

King Prawn Tandoori Massala

Similar to tikka massala.

Chicken £11.50 Lamb £13.50

A preparation of yoghurt, mint, fresh ginger, onions. Cooked in rich almond sauce with fresh cream.

Murgi Massala (Bone or Boneless)

Pieces of chicken mixed with mincemeat, with herbs and spices

Jal Farazi
Chicken £11.50 Lamb £13.50

Cooked in tomatoes, fresh green chillies and fresh ginger in a hot spiced sauce.

Chicken £11.50 Lamb £13.50

Cooked with fresh cream, onions, touch of yoghurt, including boiled egg.

Makani Chicken

Chicken tikka cooked with butter, ground almond cream and extra garlic.

Shashlik Kharai
Chicken £13.95 Lamb £15.95

Barbecued in the tandoori together with capsicums, onions and tomatoes and then re-cooked in a medium sauce.

Mixed Grill Kharai

Combination of selected tandoori dishes & then re-cooked with diced onions & green peppers in medium sauce.

Pangash Kharai

Pieces of succulent Indian fish lightly spiced in our own unique recipe.

Pangash Special

Pieces of succulent Indian fish lightly spiced in our own unique recipe.

Mr Naga
Chicken £11.50 Lamb £13.50

Hot naga chilli sauce cooked with fresh herbs and spices, can be done hotter if requested.


Fried Spring Chicken

Boneless with Mushrooms & Onions

Chicken Omelette
Prawn Omelette
Mushroom Omelette

Side Dishes

Aloo Keema (Potato & Mincemeat)
Sag Paneer (Spinach and cheese)
Aloo Paneer (Potatoes and cheese)
Chana Paneer (Chick peas and cheese)
Sag Bahji (Spinach)
Sag Aloo (Spinach and potato)
Vegetable Bahji
Cauliflower Bahji
Mushroom Bahji
Bombay Aloo

potato with methi leaves, tomato and green pepper

Tarka Dall

Lentil cooked with butter onion and garlic

Aloo Gobi (potato and cauliflower)
Chana Bahji (Chick peas)
Coconut Rice
Mushroom Rice
Vegetable Rice
Egg Rice
Keema Rice
Pilau Rice
Boiled Riced
Onion or Cucumber Raitha


Any Curry Sauce

Korma, Balti etc.

Stuffed Paratha
Tandoori Roti

Indian bread baked in Tandoori

Balti Nan
Vegetable Nan
Garlic Nan
Peshawari Nan
Keema Nan
Cheese Nan
Tikka Nan
Chilli Garlic Nan